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It is this unique heritage that has enabled Orint to become a proven and trusted resource for satellite communications in the most demanding situations and harshest environments, including war zones such as Iraq, natural-disaster areas, and remote geographic locations. For war fighters, first responders, and nation-building operations, we deliver secure voice, video, and data via satellite communication networks that are rugged, reliable, and fully scalable. These ground-and-vehicle-based satellite systems provide a crucial transitional technology to deploy when other transmission methods are unavailable. Systems reliability is enhanced and assured by our on-site presence in the field. Orint employees are fully deployable Iraq-wide, even to the most hostile combat zones. Once a system is in place, we provide proactive network defense and support, as well as 24/7 management through our Network Operations and Security Center.

Our expertise includes solutions and professional services in Smart Buildings, Voice & Data Networking, Enterprise-wide IT integration, Telecommunications, Voice/Data/Video applications, Information Security, Outsourcing, Corporate Procurement, Physical Security and Managed Services.
Orint teamincludes industry certified design and support engineers, project and program managers, customer relationship managers and domain specialists. Orint has delivered effective cross domain ICT solutions to many Government and Corporate customers since 2004.   
Many of the attributes that make us a valuable resource for government, military and oilfield entities are applicable in corporate and commercial settings as well. A growing number of companies have come to rely on us for increased productivity and enhanced IT security through our highly specialized LAN/WAN design, engineering, installation and support.